MedicTouch is constructed with the client's needs as at heart. The core technological component remains the central processing unit, gathering vital patient data and transmitting it to a physician, then shifting the data into on-site treatment decisions. This structure lends itself to a great number of possible layouts, providing optimal medical care to various patients in different environments.

MedicTouch brings space-flight principles of efficiency and space-saving into the realm of medical treatment and monitoring. Our system reduces bulkhead and clutter, allowing for a more streamlined operation of all medical monitoring and treatment equipment in the field and in various environments. MedicTouch itself allows for the miniaturization of the other components in the medical treatment and monitoring unit, and for a less cluttered way to combine the equipment on both ends - monitoring and treatment.

MedicTouch's MDT (Monitor-Decide-Treat) core technology is the first system that combines well-being, health and medical Internet of Things (IoT) applications, using the If This Then That (IFTTT) concept. MedicTouch's MDT system integrates current medical monitoring devices with a full range of medical treatment solutions..